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New! GMIC commissioned research on the State of Sustainability in the Meetings Industry

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Research Findings on the State of Sustainability in the Meetings Industry
November 17, 2016 │ 11:00 am EST

GMIC is committed to helping leaders of all levels manifest the transformation of sustainability into their organizations and events. The core method that GMIC does this is through education and training.

GMIC’s global education plan is designed to:

  • Move every meeting professional and organization in the event industry toward a deeper understanding of sustainability principles and more consistent adoption of sustainable meeting practices based on global industry standards.
  • Position the transition to sustainability as a transformative business opportunity for meeting professionals and their organizations through operational advancement and innovative design.
  • Establish GMIC’s education offerings and endorsed curriculum programs as the global credible resource for sustainable meetings education, training, and business results.


Level 1: This level provides education and best practice tools for meeting professionals designed to raise awareness about the business case of sustainability from an organizational and event perspective, provides contexts to sustainability impacts using the principles of The Natural Step, address skills for overcoming hurdles, establishing sustainability policies and prepares those just getting started on their journey to begin to create useful action plans that will take them to the next step of measurement and reporting. Members have access to a full suite of community sourced materials, best practice, guides, webinars, articles and discounts for GMIC workshops and trainings. Subscribers have access to many free resources from the GMIC global community as well as The Natural Step 101 e-learning course. 

Level 2: This level of the GMIC roadmap prepares practitioners on how to negotiate for success, use tools to enable measurement and evaluation of sustainability impacts, understanding the benefits and how to use industry standards (ISO 20121 and APEX/ASTM) as well as the beginning stages of preparing a case study for reporting and award application. Members have access to free measurement tools (SEMT Tool) as well as case study templates. Subscribers have access to guides and published case studies.

Level 3: In this level, practitioners have advanced experience with applying the principles, strategies, standards of sustainable event management. Level 3 are the global community experts, consultants, trainers and advisors; the curators of expertise and recognized as leaders, reporting. Participants at this level will be included in the GMIC Speakers' Bureau or global training program as well as asked to contribute content and thought leadership to the sustainable event community. In order to be recognized at a Level 3, members or subscribers must complete an assessment or be invited based on industry expertise. An appropriate icon badge will be provided to these leaders.