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Meetovation = Meeting Design
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Meetovation = Meeting Design 

June 11, 2013 at 9am PST


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The Danes excel in developing different and beneficial meeting design concepts that increase the outcome of the time and money spent when bringing people together. 

The unique Danish Meetovation meeting design concept makes conferences and meetings more efficient, involving and responsible. The key elements are involving the participants and a new creative approach to far more flexible usage of meeting and conference facilities. The conceptĀ“s co-developer Ann Hansen, will for the first time facilitate a webinar about the concept. Join and get a taste of how the Meetovation tools works and hopefully get inspired to improve the return on investment on your next meeting. 

The format of a webinar is a challenge for the Meetovation concept. But we love challenges and will do our best to Meetovate the webinar and involve you to the best of our abilities. To keep this webinar as interactive as possible we will be limiting the number of participants to 30. You won't want to miss this so sign up today!

To help you better participate in this webinar, please make sure you are in a quiet room with VoIP capabilities during the webinar. There will be no phone lines available for use. If you have any technical questions before the webinar please email

More info on Meetovation:


GMIC Guest Presenter: Ann Hansen


Ann Hansen

Meeting Development Consultant Ann Hansen has over the last 9 years had a mission, which she enthusiastically and determination is reached really far with. The mission is to develop people and meetings. After 10 years of learning in particular Hilton and Radisson SAS, it was time to create the consulting firm which did not yet exist.

A competence and concept development company that develops employees to strategic thinking meeting planning and meetings with high-impact activities that lead to valuable results.

Ann's unique profile that combines her skills and experience in hospitalitybranchen, management, meeting process development, faciltiering and creative concept developer, make that she has created a niche.

Many meeting concepts, skills development courses and international workshops have been developed and implemented. Ann has as an external consultant for VisitDenmark been a key figure in the development of Meetovation and Meetovator program.

Ann include trained Academy economist in hotel management, Certified Meeting Management, VPG adult educational training and keep up mentally in the form of short courses in facilitation and process management.

Has served on the board of the Meeting Professional International from 2006 to 2011