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Member Spotlight - October 2012
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Member Spotlight

Get to know our members. Every month we profile a different member who helps to make the GMIC community so unique. Explore the links below to learn more about our network of engaged Sustainability professionals.

Allyson Wagner
Project Specialist
Meeting Consultants

Why did you join GMIC?
I originally joined GMIC because I was invited to collaborate with others in Atlanta to find an organization that would accomplish our common goal to promote sustainability and green practices in the meetings industry. My continued involvement is driven by my passion for making the meetings and events that I touch more sustainable and environmentally responsible.

How long have you been a member?
Since 2008 when the Atlanta Chapter was started.

What is your sustainability philosophy?
My philosophy on sustainability is that it is not just an idea or a concept, but something that you have to put into practice. The only way we will make a difference is to translate our ideas into action. To me, sustainability is working to ensure that our environment and resources are available to our children, grandchildren, and generations beyond.

How do you incorporate sustainability into your life and work?
At home, I strive to teach my children the importance of taking care of the earth we inhabit. We recycle, which is simple where we live, but we also have conversations about using our resources wisely and responsibly. At work, I have used what I’ve learned to educate our employees and implement practices that support my philosophy on sustainability.

What is your greatest satisfaction in being a member of GMIC? (or what sets GMIC apart from other organizations you are a member of?)
The knowledge that I have gained and the friendships that I have made with like minded individuals. It has been very satisfying to be part of a group that has one goal in mind for our industry.

What would you share with others just getting started incorporating sustainability or green practices into their works?
Determine where you currently are, then decide where you want to go. Take small steps. Gain executive support for your cause…it will make the journey much easier. Sustainability is not a one time project. It is an effort that evolves over time.

What do your attendees/employees notice the most from your sustainability efforts?
Sometimes it is difficult to get feedback on our efforts, but I hope that what they notice most is our passion for making a difference.

What do you need from the industry to continue to advance in the realm of sustainability?
Continued quality education and availability of information to help me make good decisions about specific initiatives.