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Member Spotlight - Apr 2012
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Member Spotlight

Get to know our members. Every month we profile a different member who helps to make the GMIC community so unique. Explore the links below to learn more about our network of engaged Sustainability professionals.

Julie Lindsey
Director, Corporate Events
Gap, Inc.

Why did you join GMIC?
When I discovered there was a professional organization that was solely dedicated to sustainable meetings, it was a no-brainer to join GMIC!

How long have you been a member?
3 years

What is your sustainability philosophy?
I believe in starting with the components you can control directly, developing stories around your successes, and using these stories to expand your influence and build your "green team” to include more stakeholders who can help you achieve your goals.

How do you incorporate sustainability into your life and work?
It’s easy. I probably spend more time than most people would consider healthy thinking about the supply chain, waste stream, and reuse potential of every item I use. This awareness allows me to choose products and behaviors that minimize my negative impact on the environment, while increasing my positive impact on the community. I actually have fun thinking of alternative uses for items that may otherwise be thrown away. You’d be amazed what types of things can become gift wrap, decoration, packing material, containers, compost, fertilizer, etc!

What is your greatest satisfaction in being a member of GMIC? (or what sets GMIC apart from other organizations you are a member of?)
This is a group of like-minded professionals and there is nothing like it in the meetings/hospitality industry.