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IMEX America 2011 Sustainability Center Speakers and Presentations
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IMEX Award Winner Case Studies

IMEX/GMIC Green Award Winners will be presenting their case studies. These will cover Green Supplier Award, Green Meetings Award, Commitment to the Community Award and the Green Exhibitor Award. Each winner will present on initiatives and practices adopted to enable them to win these very prestigious awards.

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IMEX America Sustainability
Case Study

Amy Spatrisano, Principal at MeetGreen
Shhh…We’re breaking the unspoken code of silence that says "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!” We’re prepared to share the "secrets” about how IMEX America embarked on their journey towards creating a sustainable exhibition in Las Vegas. Learn who’s doing what and how, and what we hope will happen. There’s a story to be told here.

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Sustainable Event Standards Integrated: Defining Sustainability for Event Success

Tamara Kennedy-Hill
Executive Director GMIC

Currently the meetings market is confused as to how to clearly define, evaluate and measure a sustainable event. Often the ultimate goal meeting organizers have is to maximize onsite attendee experiences and minimize environmental and social impacts. But how do we make the right choices when we are pressed for time and are managing so many details? Which standards do we follow and what is the process for engaging our stakeholders? For the past three years there has been a global effort to develop sustainable meeting standards and reporting guidelines. From ISO20121 to APEX/ASTM and GRI, discover how to use these global standards together to design more successful event experiences.

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Estoril- Leading change under a sustainable event strategy

Pedro Rocha dos Santos, Director Centro de Congressos de Estroil
Estoril will present a case study on the success of implementing new innovative tools that bring sustainable responsibility and flexibility to event organisations.

Clean the World: Recycling Soap, Saving Lives

Debi Kinney, Western Regional Director, North America, Clean the World Las Vegas
Every day in North America, thousands of hotels discard millions of pounds of soap and shampoo. These products often end up in already overflowing landfills and contaminate fragile groundwater systems. Clean the World gets soap to people who really need it. Clean the World distributes recycled soap products, along with appropriate educational materials, to impoverished countries worldwide, and to domestic homeless shelters. Discover how the Clean the World program partners with hotels and meeting organizers to close the loop of excess soap going to landfill while working with local charities and benefiting millions of people worldwide. (speaker Debi Kinney, Clean the World Las Vegas)

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Sustainability Rocks!

Luke Flett, Sales and Marketing Manager, Universal World Events
Case study on a socially responsible (and effective) corporate meetingImagination and creativity pair with social responsibility when Universal World Events, Sales and Marketing Manager, Luke Flett walks through a lively and memorable corporate event designed to be proactive on three levels:
  • Minimize the impact on the environment
  • Deliver a social impact by leaving a legacy in the local community
  • Maximize the commercial impact – ROI for the event’s stakeholders
Learn about best practices that will engage and involve your audience and are practical enough to incorporate in your next meeting.

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How sustainability trends are shaping the meetings industry

Roger Simons, CMP, Manager, CSR & Sustainable Events, MPI
CSR & green meetings- you know they are important but why exactly should you care? What are the whys and what will your clients be asking of you in the future?

A look at the growth of sustainability, how its impacting our industry, who are the leaders in green meetings and what are they doing? What resources across the board are there to guide you through the green maze?

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Sourcing Sustainable Seafood - Some Do's and Dont's

Roy Palmer, FAICD, CEO, Seafood Experience Australia Ltd
Seafood is such a fantastic product to serve at your events but what do you need to know about sourcingsustainable seafood to ensure that you are meeting any specific CSR arrangements. What are the otherissues relating to seafood sourcing that you need to know about? Do not let the plethora of traffic lightsystems, labels and certificates turn you away from this light, nutritious, tasty product which can set yourevent apart from the others. There are simple solutions which give you and your customers win/winsituations so come along and hear about some of the do's and dont's and the ability to ask some questions if they have not been answered in the presentation.

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Staying Healthy on the Road

Megan Freedman
Look good, feel good, and be at your best when you travel. Hear advice from certified personal trainer Megan Freedman and take away critical health and fitness tips you'll need to stay well even when you leave your home, your routine and your gym behind.

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Getting ahead of the sustainability curve!

Geraldine Gatehouse, IMEX America
Whether part of a meeting, event or incentive travel program, sustainability has come of age as a vital and integral component. It can no longer be considered as an option - compelling data supports its place as a given. And it shouldn't be the focus. That should be reserved for your program content - the message and education you want to deliver to your audience.

Using the 2011 Site Classic as a case study, learn how sustainability can be implemented and woven effectively throughout your entire program; behind the scenes as well as front stage center. You have the opportunity to make a difference by raising awareness while at the same time implementing an innovative sustainability strategy.

The end result? An ROI with a high sustainability factor - helping educate your attendees while at the same time conserving, reducing, reusing, recycling and repurposing.

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Tips, tricks and best practices

Amy Spatrisano, Principal, MeetGreen®
Learn easy to implement, tips and best practices that will save you money, reduce your environmental impact and leave a positive social legacy.

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YOU! The Sustainable Leader

Holly Duckworth, CMP, CAE, CEO/Chief Connections Officer, Leadership Solutions International
The question facing the world today is not do we need more leaders. It is will we have the leaders we need in time. Today’s world needs more sustainable leaders. What is a sustainable leader; a person who sets an enduring vision to move people or ideas in a long term way, a person who is kind to the planet, the people and desires profit. Sustainable leaders are the change agents making our world a better place while taking care of themselves and their followers.

In this session you will learn what it takes to accept the leadership challenge before us today. The world Pulling from the world’s best in leadership Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP will share with you the 4 "C’s” of being a sustainable leader.By attending this session you will expand your lead-ability to:
  • Care enough to share a sustainable vision for your role on the planet
  • Cut your vision into small steps
  • Create Solutions
  • Celebrate you, your team and your accomplishments
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