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Destination Spotlight - September 2012
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Destination Spotlight

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How do you communicate your city's sustainability commitment to meeting organizers?
Via our own B&B newsletter, our website, our bid-material, our meeting planner guide and through press releases.

How does this support your ability to attract meetings into your area?
Copenhagen has a sustainable profile – not only when it comes to meetings, but also as a city in general. The city of Copenhagen is working to be the world's first Co2-neutral capital city in 2025 and the journey towards that includes high focus on everything from cycling to wind power, living roofs and cutting down general emission.

When it comes to meetings both the climate conference COP 15 in 2009 and the EU presidency in 2012 were conducted in the most possible sustainable way – and both events was certified according to international standards (BS and ISO)

This combined with the fact, that the city has a general "green" brand has meant loads of press coverage and options to participate in international events presenting the Copenhagen model.

We do have a number of companies/associations who have chosen Copenhagen specific because of the sustainable possibilities and brands – e.g. Electric car launches, events within the clean/green tech sector, but, the overall and most important pay off of all the above has been the general branding. The costumers might not choose Copenhagen because they would like to through a sustainable event or even because of the green profile. But they know of Copenhagen because of the numerous stories that have been told about Copenhagen in conjunction with the sustainable key messages.

And that general attention attracts business and is a pre-advantage when they are to choose between destination A and B.

The green buzz has definitely given us more publicity and a great advantage in general.

What sustainable attribute are you most proud of within your city and sets your city apart from other cities?
We are proud about the great cooperation we have between the government and the MICE industry on this specific area of business tourism. (The cooperation in conjunction with the sustainable climate change conference COP15 and the sustainable EU-presidency.)

On a more every day basis we are most proud of our biking culture – 55% of all Copenhageners commute on an everyday basis and when visiting Copenhagen all the bikes and bike lanes is the most visible obvious sign of sustainability.

How do you support local food or other procurement sourcing options for event organizers?
With 75.000 visitors, the yearly food festival Copenhagen Cooking arranged by Wonderful Copenhagen CVB is one of the most used platforms in order to support local and Nordic food.

Apart from that we promote local and Nordic restaurants and providers as part of our general story on Copenhagen as a MICE destination and in that way give them support – for example out MICE news letter Copenhagen Announcement, present a recipe in each issue from a restaurant with a Nordic/local menu.

Does your bureau or major convention center have a green team?
We (as in Wonderful Copenhagen) are working on a green project as we speak and the goal is to put even more effort in to this area.

The largest convention center – the Bella Center has worked with sustainability for years and for example cut down Co2 emission with over 30% in the recent years.

Do you provide educational training programs for your region (venues, etc.) about sustainable best practice? If so, in what format? Do you profile and/or promote sustainable hospitality partners?

Describe the most impactful sustainable event experience/customer experience supported by your CVB?
The COP 15 in 2009

The EU presidency in 2012

What advice would you provide to other CVB professionals seeking to head down the sustainable event pathway?
To team up with relevant partners in order to grow experience.

When an event organizer comes to your city for a site inspection, what is your favorite sustainable activity, attribute, location or experience that you like to share with them?
We typically take them on a biking tour – or at least a rickshaw tour as. We also highlight restaurants with local/Nordic food. And of course they stay at one of the many hotels in the city holding an eco-certification.

What value do you see being affiliated with the global GMIC community?
Access to an international network of experts within the sustainability field and access to the newest research and knowledge on the subject.

What do you need from the industry to continue to advance in the realm of sustainability?
Access to best practice and projects/cases from other destinations.

To find out more about Green Copenhagen, visit: