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APEX/ASTM Review Panel
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A panel of industry experts is in place to review questions and issues regarding the standard as they arise, and to provide answers and clarity to those in the industry who are currently using or want to begin using the standards.

PLEASE NOTE: the recommendations and conclusions of this panel are of their collective expert opinion ONLY. They are not to be considered official recommendations or decisions from ASTM as an organization.


How to submit a question for review:

The Convention Industry Council (CIC) has set up a comment form on their website. CLICK HERE.


Panel Composition

The review panel is comprised of six to eight industry experts. Panelist will at minimum meet one of the following criteria: (1) experience with the standard development; (2) experience implementing the standard; and/or (3) recognized sustainability expert.All panelists (or a member of their organization) must be a member of ASTM and participate on the E60.02 committee.The panel is led by a Chairperson as designated by Green Meeting Industry Council (GMIC) and the CIC. This person will act as a liaison between the group and the following organizations: ASTM, CIC, GMIC, and third party auditing firms. The term for serving on the panel is one year. If you are interested in serving on the panel in the future, please contact Lindsay Arell at 

Current Panelists:

Lindsay Arell, Arell Logic - CHAIR

Jeff Chase, VP Sustainability - Freeman Co.

Shawna McKinley, Director of Sustainability - MeetGreen

Eric Ricaurte, Principal - Greenview Advisors

Johanna Walsh, Principal - Twirl Management



The panel will review questions/comments received via the CIC website submittal form.

The questions will be compiled for review on a quarterly basis.

Questions will generally fall into one of the three following categories:

1. Technical questions (clarification/direction on implementation and/or intent of criteria).

2. Grammatical suggestions/errors.

3. Suggestions/requests for actual changes to the standard criteria.

The panel will address questions in the first category. Questions or suggestions from the second and third category will be forwarded to ASTM for review through the official balloting process. After questions/comments are reviewed by the panel, recommendations and interpretations will be posted below.

For questions regarding this panel or process, please contact the current Chair, Lindsay Arell at