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Green Meeting Industry Council
2025 M Street, N.W. Suite 800
Washington, D.C.

Strategic Plan

Foundation Strategic Plan

GMIC Sustainable Meetings Foundation (GSMF) Strategic Plan

Mission Statement: The GMIC Sustainable Meetings Foundation: Advancing sustainable practices in the meetings, events and tradeshow industries through education, research and innovation.

  • Forward-Looking
  • Purposeful
  • Responsible
  • Transparent
  • Community-Oriented
  • Cost-Effective
  • Collaborative

Objectives and Strategies:

Financial Objectives
Financial Strategies
Launch an inaugural fundraising campaign that raises at least US$150,000 in year one, $250,000 in year two, and $500,000 in year three
  • Refine the case for funding
  • Create a comprehensive fundraising program (Founding 50 or 100 concept, tiered appeals)
Community Objectives
Community Strategies
Develop a comprehensive funding plan for education, research and innovation projects
  • Fund up to three small, short-term projects immediately
  • Initiate at least one long-term project
Develop a comprehensive outreach program for donors
  • Clarify the role of chapters, industry foundations, educational institutions, and event corporations
  • Implement the most promising component(s) of the program
Organizational Objectives
Organizational Strategies
Establish a comprehensive program of administrative and governance practices
  • Complete the governance manual
  • Align staff requirements and funding needs with strategic objectives
  • Establish project-based budgeting format to align with strategic plan
Develop the foundation brand
  • Initiate a comprehensive brand campaign
  • Introduce a marketing plan that includes a social media strategy, i.e., crowdsourcing projects