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Idea Auction


GMIC Sustainable Meetings Foundation - Idea Auction

"If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas." -- George Bernard Shaw
Do you want to know how to get even the most stubborn attendee to give up handouts? Or how to teach it forward through mentor pods? Or how to avoid tears from tiers - new models for sponsorship?

The GMIC Sustainable Meetings Foundation Idea Auction answers all of these questions and more, through crowdsourced solutions from GMIC members and sustainable meetings practitioners.The idea auction has been designed to be both a fundraiser and a way of spreading knowledge about sustainable events. We have crowdsourced solutions from our members and they are now available for you by donation to the GMIC Sustainable Meetings Foundation.
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The Top 19 ideas (as voted by the idea title at the GMIC Conference are available by individual donation). We have also compiled all the ideas, including over 20 more that are not available by individual donation in an idea book filled with crowdsourced solutions for sustainable events.

We encourage you to donate what you can for these ideas. Please select the donation category that allows you to best participate in the auction and support the fundraising efforts that will help us to establish our Foundation and support future education and innovation in sustainable events.To find these solutions you'll need to act fast. The GMIC Sustainable Meetings Foundation Idea Auction is open only until Friday, May 11th at 5pm Pacific Time. At that time, the ideas will get locked in the official GMIC vault for a full year before they can be seen again! Get your ideas today!


What is the Idea Auction?

The Idea Auction is a project developed by the GMIC Sustainable Meetings Foundation (GMSF) to both advance sustainability education and innovation and raise funds. We are asking GMIC members and sustainable event specialists to help us to grow the foundation by sharing ideas about how to make events more sustainable in the areas of:

  • Water
  • Energy Conservation
  • Other Resource Conservation
  • Community Service

  • Financial Sustainability
  • Transportation
  • Wild Card

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    The auction will include two phases:

    1. Idea Sourcing and Selection of Top Ideas: In the first phase, we are asking for people to submit great ideas for the auction. The submissions will include a short tweetable "teaser” that will be used in the voting process, and a more detailed description that will only be revealed in the second phase. The upcoming GMIC Conference in Montreal will end with the live "auction” where we will select the top ideas in each category to advance to the next phase.

    2. Online Bidding: In the second phase, the top ideas will be available for "bidders” to select those that they want to fully reveal. Unlike most auctions – ideas can be shared, so there can be more than one winner.
    Watch our video for more information on the Idea Auction:

    Non-Flash version visit here

    The Background

    When GMIC established the Foundation, it did so with the mission of securing funding to support sustainability education and innovation in the meetings industry. In fulfilling this mission, the Foundation’s board of trustees has set an ambitious new goal:
    to support the mission through how we raise funds, how we invest funds, and how we disburse funds.


    How money comes in to the Foundation

    How money is invested and grows while in the Foundation’s trust

    How the Foundation disburses
    funds such as in the form
    of grants, scholarships.

    It’s easy to think about how we will accomplish our mission through the disbursement of funds: examples include funding education projects and providing grants and scholarships. For how we invest funds, though not quite as obvious, is certainly feasible. Applying responsible investment strategies including where we invest, and our role as active owners provides guidance.
    The area that requires the most innovation to achieve the goals is in how to go about advancing the mission through how we raise money for the Foundation. This is where the Idea Auction fits in. While we are also looking at traditional fundraising models, the Idea Auction is unique:
    we are going to raise money for sustainable meeting education and innovation
    through sustainable meeting education and innovation.